The Benefits of a Home Herb Garden and How Easy They Are

In this article we will discuss why and how to have a home herb garden.

There are many reasons for raising your own home herb garden. Herbs can be used for teas as a healthy alternative to coffee. Some varieties produce beautiful flowers for your home or garden. Some herbs add flavor to your food others garnish your plate. Some herbs are grown for their aromatic foliage for use in perfumes or potpourri.

A lot of herbs are grown for their healthy medicinal benefits. Some herb doctors will give you one specific herb to produce a specific health benefit sometimes they will give you a package of mixed herbs that you boil in 4 cups of water until it’s down to 2 cups which you drink hot as a healing tea. Herbs can be grown indoors in pots or in a garden

Some herbs are even used in pest control. Curiously herbs in general seem to be immune to the diseases and insect attacks that all other plants are susceptible to. And oddly enough fertilizers aren’t even necessary for herbs.

Those are some of the reasons for having your own home herb garden now let’s get into the how-tos.

Herbs prefer well-draining soil. If your soil it to compact and clay like it would be best to get some porous soil from the nursery. It very cheap in fact it’s dirt cheap (ha). For growing herbs in pots use 2 parts of the porous soil and add one part sand (or perlite) with an inch of gravel in the bottom of the pot to ensure good drainage.

Almost all herbs can be grown from seeds but you can also buy herbs in the plant form and plant those in your garden. Sure it is faster to use the already grown plants but it’s more fun to grow your own herbs from seeds. Seeds are best started in pots with the well draining soil and since they have very shallow roots the seeds should be planted very shallow (with very little soil above them). After they’ve grown sufficiently you can transplant them to the garden or leave them in the pot as an indoor herb.

Growing your own home herb garden is truly easy. To find out just how easy it is start with growing a few in some indoor pots. Once you see for yourself how easy it really is and how useful herbs can be you can expand from there.

Obviously there is a lot more to herb gardening but this is enough information to get you up and going.

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